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India Rejects US Sanctions, Continues Venezuela, Iran Trade

Editor comments: Desperate measures by a dying empire to maintain its hegemony over the #Petro_Dollar. Losing control of the oil trade will likely spell  a certain decline and even death of the US economy. No wonder the US threatens to enforce their unilaterally imposed sanctions with violent repercussions. — Barefoot Warrior Editor Published 29 May …

Russian-Vietnamese Oil Partnership Starts Drilling in Waters Informally Claimed by China

Rosneft Vietnam has started drilling for oil in the South China Sea by Irina Slav Russia’s #Rosneft earlier this week announced that it had started drilling a production well off the coast of #Vietnam in the #South_China_Sea. Today, two sources close to the Vietnamese unit of the Russian company told Reuters there were concerns there about #China’s possible reaction …

Major US Hybrid Terrorist Push Planned in Central Asia – ‘Against Iran and Russia’ – Russian Intel Agencies

“Obviously, the United States did not seize Afghanistan, by rigging its military dictatorship there, in order to build democracy and civil society there.” Imperia News is new site put out by expats in Moscow, Russia, which has good access to high quality Russian government sources. This material was obviously written by an expert in Russian …