IVR solutions high performance, robust and scalable for call center


IVR or Interactive Voice Response is an automated system that will interact with your callers and route the calls to the appropriate agent. This helps prevent unwanted distribution of labor and helps your agents focus on tasks that will help push your company forward. You will require a combination of touch tone selection and voice input to generate an appropriate response. This system can also be programmed to provide the right feedback in the form of a callback, fax, email or any other media. That way, your agents will only be engaged in top priority tasks.

IVR software is able to deal with the most simple and complex requirements of your organization. This includes services 3rd party database integration for an array of business including payment gateways, banking, insurance, telecom, and travel. The best thing about all such software is that it is easy to handle and highly scalable. The latest technology allows you to create virtual patching solutions and also Hosted IVRs to improve call management and also response generation. The voice recorded setup up has a scalability that can range from 4 to 128 E1s.

All the essential features of a good IVR system are included in a premium and good quality software. You can find features like Voice Mail, Auto Dialer, Voice Customization, Text to speech, Supporter Call ID, Phone Key input, Multiple IVR Script, Database Access, Customized Call routing, Computer Telephony, Call Recording and Automated call center dialer. More automated features means that you can improve labor utilization within your organization very effectively.

The archived information is very easy to access. That means you will not have to worry about any service agreements. All the interaction is recorded to help you monitor them and also manage change within your organization to improve the quality of service that is being delivered to your clients.

Of course, timely updation is necessary to keep your IVR effective. To help you become independent developers most service providers will have several customized classes online for Java. This includes Webinars, Live sessions, and Documentation. That way, you can customize your IVR software to suit the needs of your business. This makes the product easy to use and highly flexible. Of course, independent management also means that you will be saving several hours that you would otherwise dedicate to communication and follow up with your service providers. You can even integrate this software with your current website.

Crystal clear navigation is necessary to make the software user-friendly. You have several options and phone menus that will help your customers choose the services that the need more precisely. Look for navigation that is fast, logically constructed and simple to follow. That way, your clients only get high-quality service experiences. This also allows you to handle more clients per day and accommodate all the calls that your receive in a day. A good navigation system also makes it easy to manage appointments and schedules.

Lastly, make sure that the software is compatible with all the leading telephony equipment, ensuring that your investments are always protected. Of course, you also need online support that is available to you throughout your business hours. You can try a free version of most such software to make sure that it is precisely what you need for your company. Keeping in mind the flexibility of our software, IVR is able to match most organizational needs. Look for the simplest web-based IVF software that suits every need of your call center software.