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With healthcare improving tremendously and dramatically over the last few years, the industry itself has grown by leaps and bounds. The logistics involved in managing a healthcare organization or just managing your personal healthcare records and payments requires a reliable software solution.

Infinite provides healthcare solutions that not only allow you to work within modern regulations but also help you provide affordable healthcare, thereby improving your business quite significantly.

Segments covered

Infinite is among the best healthcare IT solutions providers benefiting a range of users. Currently, five verticals are catered to which include the payer, provider, pharma, care management organizations and the government health organization.

With easy data care management solutions such as record digitization, patient connected care, healthcare analytics and business analytics, you are not only able to sustain the business but are able to grow as well. Fraud management and claim management solutions help you handle your finances as well.

Infinite advantages

Infinite provides you with the latest in healthcare solutions. They are certainly pioneers in this field of work with some of the most unique offerings. Here are a few features that set Infinite healthcare solutions apart from the rest:

  • You get ready support for any home based care.
  • Based on the health records and the potential risk involved, detailed customized care management content is created for each one who has enrolled.
  • Features like Diagnosis Decision Support System, Health Risk Assessment and other health tools are inbuilt to provide you with great care guidelines.
  • Telemedicine and video conferencing are in-built.
  • A personal health dashboard with a well-designed user interface is available with features like reminders, alerts and notifications.
  • These solutions can easily be integrated with Health exchanges and Third Party Personal Health Record Systems.
  • It integrates with m-health and other health devices quite readily.
  • Support is available of Remote Health Monitoring.
  • The legacy applications of providers and payers can be integrated easily.

These services are offered over several platforms such as enterprise mobility, messaging platforms, analytics platform, cloud based support, messaging platforms and lots more.

Their service oriented architecture includes various options like application development and management, IT Testing and Quality Assurance, IT Agile Development, Infrastructure Management and Analytics.

The services are revolutionary and have achieved some remarkable results since the time of their inception. They have successfully managed EMR management and have even replaced traditional solutions like Medicaid in verticals like fraud management and wellness management among several others.

Proven excellence in implementing their healthcare IT solutions has put Infinite in the lead as far as this industry is concerned. Not only do these facilities ease administration and management, they allow healthcare businesses to grow and remain competitive for several years to come.

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Infinite Computer Solutions Ltd. ( provides IT-based business process solutions, next-gen mobility solutions, and product engineering services, specializing in the Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Telecommunications & Technology and Media & Publishing industries, for Fortune 1000 companies. With over 50 premier clients in their list, you can be assured of nothing but the best in terms of service and quality. They have been showered by several awards for excellence in IT solutions over the last decade.

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