Drone Obama, the Afro-American Fascist

Drone Obama, the Afro-American Fascist



When Republican party, on the recommendation of the CIA agents in the party, nominated Barak Hussein Obama, called by many in the west a Muslim in Chrestian coat, many eyebrows were up in the western anti-Islamic media that readily and speculated that he would pursue Islamic agenda and end the CIA-Pentagon pet terror projects in Islamic world,paving way for the paid US military drunkard-troops to return to US barracks to relax with liquor bottles made available to them by the White House. In the campaign, Obama, bluffing about a "change" course he wanted to introduce in US policies, also pretended to be an innocent African and a sincere Presidential candidate to change the US foreign policy to the core.

However this Black president has been shifting his position from issue to issue and situation to situation. Like the Zionist regime did it to him very recently on proliferation freeze, Obama slapped all those who though Obama would be different from Bush Jr. But Obama has proved he as bad as fascist Bush Jr and his fascist daddy Bush Sr.

Obama has taken pain to show to America and Europe and elsewhere that he is also anti-Muslim like his predecessors who occupied White House after fake polls. The major crash of human personality in Obama is his efforts to insult the jury members who support his name of the Nobel Peace prize by taking Bushdom roguish steps in illegal war pursuit. He has escalated war in Afghanistan by adding more state terrorists and killing more Muslims. Now Obama and his western fascist allies are invading sovereign Libya for its resources as his own war contribution.

By popularizing drone terrorism in Pakistan and threatening to use this WM, Obama is eager to enter the history books as the top Afro-American fascist who ruled USA and ruined Islamic world, transporting, as part of secret plans of CIA-Neocon nuts, the resources from Islamic world to Washington in exchange for democracy and freedom for the Arabs who have been slaughtered by NATO terrorists. The Obama announcement to send Israeli type drones, used in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, to kill innocent Libyan Arabs.

Drone fame Obama and other European fascist leaders have betrayed the UNSC and world at large by misusing the mandate of the notorious UNSC resolution over sovereign Libya

Meanwhile, CIA and its European gangs must be pushing for another Nobel prize for Obama for his deadly drone contribution to illegal wars in Islamic world. Obama does not want to use drones in Africa or Israel.

د. عبد راف
Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Chronicler of Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs; Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces. Fake democracies like USA and India have zero tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism". Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims.