Peaceful Freedom Struggle in Kashmir & Indian Bluff Diplomacy


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Peaceful Freedom Struggle in Kashmir & Indian Bluff Diplomacy

A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts-141

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


For India, a prominent democracy in Asia, telling lies has been a favorite profitable hobby. All these years India has shamelessly spread a lie on Jammu Kashmir and its people and the notorious UNSC, controlled by USA-UK terror twins, pretended it believes in what Indian lies. The historic lie of India a is being repeated by US leaders like parrots or even Indian puppets - not just mere Indian lobbyists.

The blatant India lie - now made an international lie, like Osama or WMD or shortage of democracy, is that Jammu Kashmir is an integral part of India.

Are India gimmicks fading in the face of change of course of freedom struggle opting now fr peaceful movement? Indian regime and its puppet in JK objects to peaceful movement ? Not at all! There isn’t any credible reason to believe that Indian gimmicks, including terror or ones are fading. Indian paid lobbyists and agents are at work almost 24 hours to make terror India look “innocent” enough". India also changes it terror tactics to invoke fake encounters to trap pro- freedom Kashmir patriotic soldiers.

The continued Indian brute occupation of Jammu Kashmir has been made possible by a split freedom movement, a pro-India puppet regime managing the routine terror operations in JK on Indian behalf and western GST terror trends. The freedom groups have not realized as yet that none of them individually is too great to claim sovereignty from an arrogant India.

It is not that the fanatic UN and notorious UNSC are unaware of the actual position on India occupied Jammu Kashmir issue but unfortunately, they have never imposed any sanctions or terror attack via noflyzone, as they have deliberately done in Iraq and Libya. Obvious reason is USA-UK terror twins that control the UNSC/NATO do not see any profit from imposing sanctions or noflyzone over India, because Kashmir, unlike Iraq or Libya, has not possess any energy resources to trade with Kashmiris as the price for freedom. Though a couple of Kashmiri leaders try to invite the western attention by saying that Kashmir has plenty of natural and mineral resources the western terrocracies are not at all impressed, and Britishers now the region better than the leaders of the countries in the region. Only the "civilized" west can fool the world, not otherwise.

And, what a humanity tragedy! India has applied salt to Kashmiriyat wound by entering the notorious UNSC to further pursue its illegal goals. Instead of declaring India a terrorist state several countries have fallen victims to India manipulative techniques and chose it to enter the notorious UNSC on the basis of its terror-genocides records in neighboring Jammu Kashmir. Are these nations that support Indian state terrorism (IST) also terror states? Are these nations that were used by India under the Commonwealth Gimmicks in Delhi had been roped in by New Delhi to support Indian hidden agendas under pressure from terror twins USA-UK?

New Delhi and its embassies around the world are engaged in smear campaign against Kashmiris projecting them as terrorists and asking USA to include them in the “terror list”, though both India and USA are part of GST rogues list. Despite all such Indian gimmicks to make the world hate Kashmiris, more and more countries have expressed solidarity with the freedom struggle in JK. The valiant people of Jammu Kashmir are engaged in a just struggle for the restoration of their inalienable rights. Not only Libya and Turkey expressed solidarity with oppressed Kashmiris, but even Iran has also done so. Pakistan appreciated “the solidarity and support” expressed by Iran for the “just cause of Kashmiri people. The support expressed by the Supreme leader of Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah S Khamenei for the “just cause of the Kashmiri people” is of deep value and the solidarity and support for freedom struggle in JK expressed by the Iranian nation and the leadership.

India generously makes extra payment illegally, especially to foreign agents and lobbyists to get endorsement for its illegal and immoral ambitions and operations. In the ongoing cricket joint drama called World Cup Indian strategists have caught foreign agents to praise Indian team and endorse Indian win in the WC. Persons from Pakistan and Australia and elsewhere are very cheaply available for claiming "favorites" of India. Indian mindset is crueler than this example suggests. It is atrocious to watch on TV where an American/UK professor standing with a chock piece in his hand and a funny hat in his head, scribbling on the blackboard some arithmetic to show only India can win the matches.

This is indeed the paid foreign shame on India. World wide, India has employed the Indians settled abroad and its embassies over years have set up pro-India lobbyists and media nuts to promote India interests, including anti-Muslim, anti-Kashmir propaganda.

In view of the fact that Indian terror capability cannot match the stones the defenseless Kashmiris use to defend themselves from the perpetual terror onslaughts and genocides of occupying Indians, only USA and UK and other world powers must step in to end the escalation of Indian state terrorism in Jammu Kashmir. Had the Kashmiris got the military capability, the shameless Indian invaders would have been stumped out long ago. It is sad commentary on the notorious UNSC maintains silence in place of extra vigilance on Indian terror operations inside Jammu Kashmir, killing exclusively Muslims. India is trying to woo China on Kashmir issue, but Beijing must counsel New Delhi on the urgency for surrendering sovereignty to Kashmiris and when JK is freed from Indian hegemony, should come forward to assist them to build a strong nation to exist without fear of Indian terror attacks.

India’s advantage is that the GST leaders are now the obvious natural strategic partners ganged up against Islamic world. Pursuing suspicious national interests at the cost of neighboring nations, India manages nasty habit of bribing foreign leaders, agents, and lobbyists to get all illegal and immoral deals done. This explains why no politician is punished in India because crime, bribery and corruption are a part of democracy at the high levels On the contrary, when some big guys are exposed by the media the regime and judiciary come to their rescue and shortly the tainted people are seen well placed in the regime and politics. In fact, judiciary cannot interfere in the regime’s illegal or immoral activities indoors or abroad. Media are denied permission to pursue the issues and are offered some other new theme to focus on.

India terrorizes Kashmiris in Indian as well as JK jails after trapping them in fake encounters and other false gimmicks. The Supreme Court of India by its September 1 and November 15 orders had asked the Centre to "clearly state as to how many of the educational institutions in the country are under the occupation of security forces/para military forces". Making sure the Indian terror forces occupying Jammu Kashmir almost on permanent basis do not occupy educational and related places in this formerly independent nation, Omar government must take note of the Dec 13 notification of the Apex Court expressing its displeasure that governments did not respond to its order on the "serious" issue of ensuring that all schools and hostels of educational institutions should be kept away from the occupation of security forces.

The Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Geelani, spearheading the ongoing ‘Quit Jammu and Kashmir Movement’, came down heavily on Dec 13 on the ruling National Conference accusing it of using Army and Police for its interests and to suppress the ongoing movement. The veteran leader maintained that being a political party, the NC should fight the conglomerate’s peaceful programs "politically and not through military might." In a statement, Geelani castigated New Delhi for what he said illegally using state power to suppress the peaceful agitation of Kashmiris. “For this purpose, the NC has been directed to help the police and Army. The NC leaders in collusion with the concerned station house officers prepare the list of youth, who have taken more or less part in the agitation since June this year. These youth are asked to report to the Police Stations and then arrested or their houses are raided,” Geelani said, urging the people to stage peaceful protests from Maghrib to Isha prayers December 16 and for one hour after the congregational prayers on Friday December 17 respectively.

By using the Army and police to satiate its party interests, the NC is displaying its sheer shortsightedness. As a political party, the NC should fight Hurriyat’s peaceful programs at the political level only. Geelani stated that that the campaign launched by the NC and New Delhi is wrong in all respects. Elaborating Geelani alleged that frivolous cases were being registered against most of the arrested youth in Kashmir. And those arrested youth who get recommendation from the NC activists, are forced to pay ransom for their release. This is a dangerous campaign by virtue of which the career of our younger generation is being ruined. The FIRs become a life-long problem for youth. Geelani said that the JK Government’s silence over the Indian terror excesses on the people tantamounts to crime against the Kashmir nation. For highlighting the excesses, Geelani said the conglomerate is left with no option but to stage protests. Taking all the aspects into consideration, we can only use hartal to register our protest against the atrocities. We have kept this option reserved and whenever situation demands we will use this birth and democratic right.

Indian military occupation personnel have introduced stone attack that was imbibed b the defenseless Kashmiris to defend themselves from Indian terror attacks. While making a reference to the stone throwing by protesters on the streets of Kashmir that has shaken the foundations of his government in last two months, JK CM Omar said it is better to throw shoes (at him) than stones. As the national flag was being unfurled in Srinagar the Indian puppet Omar Abdullah stood up at the raised podium with Director General of Police K. Khoda next to him, a Kashmiri patriot sitting in the third row had taken off his brown shinny shoe and hurled it straight towards the podium. The shoe missed the target but attracted the intended attention immediately. The only tool available to Kashmiris to oppose the Indian brutal occupation is his worn out shoe. That is the true spirit of Kashmiriyat seeking to free itself from foreign invaders, criminals, looters and genociders.

Congress and Muslim League had fought elections under the British Raj in 1935, though both waged a united struggle for sovereignty from UK, but Kashmiris have too many splinter groups that indirectly promote Indian state terrorism and genocides in JK. On fighting elections under the Indian constitution, the veteran pro-freedom leader said fighting polls does not mean the Kashmiris would give up birth right to sovereignty. He said nobody told them that now that you have fought elections under the British rule you don’t have any right to ask for India’s freedom. We fought elections because we wanted to resolve the Kashmir issue peacefully and through the democratic process, thinking that India would reciprocate well but Kashmiris are yet to see the face of Indian democracy.

Are India Gimmicks Fading?

Pakistan has reiterated that only dialogues are not enough for resolving the strategic issues, but India should take serious steps to remove all the irritants and discrimination. Pakistan always tried its best to maintain good ties with India. Pakistan always tried its best to maintain good ties with India. India's statement that it wanted to maintain peace in the region should be appreciated on the face value alone. Pakistan has also taken several measures for sustaining peace and stability in the entire region.

It is not only on Jammu Kashmir issue that India pushes hard to achieve what it wants, but even in small things like cricket and other sports. Look at the way a fanatic India with fascist agenda in its neighborhoods as part of GST keeps innocent besieged Kashmiris under its terror boots! Look at the way Indian terrrocracy keeps defenseless Kashmiris under perpetual curfew conditions to terrorize them so that they give up their birth right to sovereignty and freedom. Look at eh way terror India employs terror methods to silence the sovereignty seeking Kashmiris!

Media reports, the Indian strategists have been working towards an informal three parts solution of Jammu Kashmir whereby Jammu Kashmir is to be divided into 3 parts namely, Kashmir, Jammu and Laddakh and Kashmiris would take Kashmir while India would retain Can this, fanatically tricky and strategically terror, India really loves Kashmiris - Muslims or Hindus or Buddhists?

No wonder, India has desperately trying to get into US backyard to reach the notorious UNSC: India is keen to cover up all its crimes committed against Kashmiri humanity. Wikileaks has revealed that India 'tortured' Kashmir prisoners. According to cables obtained by Wikileaks, the International Committee of the Red Cross sent evidence to US diplomats about widespread torture by Indian security forces in Kashmir.

A brief for the visiting acting coordinator for counter-terrorism, Frank Urbancic, described India's police and security forces as "overworked and hampered by bad practices, including the widespread use of torture in interrogations.

Kashmiris have been successful to give a pure peaceful direction to the movement. Instead of respecting the transition of our movement, New Delhi and its agents in Kashmir are adamant on their policy which has categorically failed in past 63 years. The protests have many forms but all of them have been barred in the Valley. This is totally undemocratic.

It seems India is not very happy these days because it kept on bluffing to the world that some "Pakistani terrorists" in Kashmir are creating trouble for poor India and there is no serious effort for freedom in JK. Anything using the name of Pakistan sells like hot cakes in anti-Muslim India. The peaceful path preferred by Kashmiris for obtaining sovereignty form an arrogant occupier has set problems for India credibility on supranational arena. Now it has become amply clear that those struggling for freedom are not terrorists as India always claimed, but real freedom fighters. These days, India is shamelessly engaged in fake encounter tracks to trick Muslims and kill them as terrorists only to show that Kashmiris terrorists are still there. .

Though it is guilty of occupation of and genocides in Jammu Kashmir, India has never promised it would surrender sovereignty back to Kashmiris nor did it make any gestures towards that. But on the contrary all its terror operations and fake encounters show it still is bent upon killing the remaining Kashmiris as well, eating the dead flesh and drinking their hot blood….

Now truth about India's own freedom struggle and how Gandhi was prepared by UK and how UK asked Nehru and company to invade JK and now shields Indian crimes in JK.However, Kashmiris are steadfast and refuse to bend according Indian terror whims and they are on the move for obtaining their lost sovereignty and freedom. .

For a change, now, India must speak out the truth about Jammu Kashmir being it s neighbor and its courageous valiant people fighting and dying for sovereignty. Then, Obama also would start speaking the truth. .

د. عبد راف
Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Chronicler of Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs; Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces. Fake democracies like USA and India have zero tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism". Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Unfortunately, we have many hypocrites among Muslims. ( /91-9961868309)