NATO’s another Illegal War on Humanity: Hail Sovereign Libya!

NATO’s another Illegal War on Humanity: Hail Sovereign Libya!

Notorious UNSC & Western Fascism over Sovereign Libya (PART SIX)



Western vultures under UNSC/NATO banner are hungry to eat dead bodies of innocent Libyans and do not want any ceasefires in Libya and therefore the call of it by Libya has been summarily rejected. Apart from NATO fascist attacks on sovereign Libya, the CIA agents posing themselves as rebels also attack Libyan targets. Fighting between Libyan Col Qaddafi's forces and the CIA regulated liquor-rebels continued, despite the declaration of a ceasefire by the government.

The Libyan drunkards in western terror format seem to seek freedom but what for? Is it for handing over Libyan resources to the dead-flesh hungry western vultures? Once the western rouges occupy the Libyan nation, it would be extremely difficult for them to liberate the Muslim nation from the anti-Islamic western drunkards. Then, Libya too would be like Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan - all puppet regimes looting the nation along with the western invaders, while masses are being butchered freely. That is in fact the freedom call – a call only for getting themselves killed by western fascist criminals.

Operating as the composite terror organization (CTO), the notorious UNSC supports the western dictators led by USA-UK terror twins to deal with any nation that openly criticizes either Zionism or US imperialism. The western terrocracies have cunningly skipped the UN general assembly on sovereign Libya and gone to UNSC with their bull resolution of "noflyzone" to terror attack a sovereign Libya violating international Law and the international convention of respecting the sovereignty and principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of another nation and non by suing the fake mandate, the NATO-CIA dictators are destroying sovereign Libya. The notorious UNSC has, like cricket bowlers give 100 plus to their favorite batboys, offered the US-UK led global dictators the right to invade at will Libya or any other nation of their choice.

Libyans in Tripoli last five days have been under crusader enemy aerial bombardment of NATO and several military and other institutional sites have been the target of western terrocracies resulting in destructions and slaughtering of innocent Muslims; many more injured by western terror attacks on sovereign Libya in the past three nights. A naval base at Bussetta, about 10km east of Tripoli, and a fishing village had also been hit by western rouge democratic attacks. Air and missile strikes had caused "numerous" civilian casualties, especially at the "civilian airport" in Sirte.

UNSC and NATO have interfered in sovereign Libya in a fascist manner and only for Libyan energy resources. An innocent looking-speaking Obama has in fact cheated the world by betraying their faith. Obama has lost legitimacy to control the world or rule America, as the CIA is misusing him, an African origin, to make statements against African nation Libya. In view of the illegal war on sovereign Libya in addition to their crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, US Obama, UK Cameron and Frenche Zarkozy and their fascist allies elsewhere must step down forthwith and face criminal proceedings. By following the Hollywood script plots hand in by the CIA, the Western insurgents/rebels now occupying sovereign Libya have divergent strategies - some envision pushing west, perhaps even as far as Tripoli, while others want to just take Ajdabiya and then consolidate their hold of the east, hoping Libyans in other cities will rise up and liberate themselves.

The NATO terrorists, by air-attacking Libya, are playing hide-and-hit strategy to cause loss to property and lives in Libya. American scoundrels can compensate for the loss of property but not the lives that are priceless. Western fascists like Obama-Cameron-Zarkozy gang should be tried for illegal war on a sovereign Libya. This, however, does not exonerate the NATO fascist from their genocides and destructions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, even if the puppets now run these Muslim nations might “excuse” the western scoundrels and escape punishment for their own crime against humanity.

However, Libyan brave Gaddafi forces continue to hold the western and Libyan insurgents-drunkards in the country and it is only a question of hours to make the anti-Libyan elements to flee or get killed on Libyan soil.

Of course the NATO’s illegal war on Libya is a part of an imperialist Western plot against humanity through the Muslim nations, now targeting Mideast and North Africa, it has nothing to do with the protection of civilians and everything to do with plundering Libya's oil.

Turkey, unfortunately a key member of notorious NATO, wants limits on terrorist NATO involvement and says the air strikes have already gone beyond the UNSC resolution. USA-UK terror twins use the resolutions as a legal shield but these rogues always go beyond the resolutions to pursue their energy-arms-trade goals. NATO terrorists have begun killing Muslims in Libya. UN aid agencies are ready with stuff to divert the global attention on horrors of terror wars and say they believe thousands of Libyan citizens are displaced within the country, amid reports of severe shortages of food and medicines, and reprisals by government forces. The agencies are hoping to get a convoy of aid into Libya.

For all practical purposes, the UNSC has lost its relevance as they not just ignore the freedom of nations but, much worse, it lets the NATO terror syndicate to attack and cripple the nations while the USA-UK terror twins confiscate the resources in these countries of defending the sovereignty of Muslim nations, The notorious terrorist UNSC never bothered to stop the Zionist terror attacks on Palestine, killing thousands of defenseless people there or in Jammu Kashmir where Indian terrorists keep killing the Kashmiris at will. USA-UK terror twins, as usual, manipulated the UNSC vote by barbing two veto guys Russia and China and also a South Asian terror state India to abstain from voting which amounts to supporting the USA-UK resolution to terror attack under garb of “noflyzone” gimmick. Russia and China now express concern about NATO terror attack on Libya just for fun; in supporting USA-UK terror ploy in sovereign Libya, they had willingly played their usual dirty economic politics and they would like to sell their unused old stockpiles of arms to Arabs now. USA supports that as well as Muslim insurgencies in both China and Russia as per their secret deals.

This innocent looking Obama has betrayed the global trust and is indeed a global criminal and a shame to Africa, Mideast and entire oppressed humanity!

د. عبد راف
Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Chronicler of Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs; Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces. Fake democracies like USA and India have zero tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism". Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Unfortunately, we have many hypocrites among Muslims. ( /91-9961868309)