Fascist Israel and Future of Palestine State -2 -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Fascist Israel and Future of Palestine State -2
BY Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

It is indeed a universal shame that the occupying fascist nations don’t bother about international condemnation of their illegal aggressions and genocides. Colonial occupiers are deadly terrorists. Israel and India have grown overconfident over years of their mighty right to impose their regime on Muslim nations. In connivance with USA, UK and other anti-Islamic western rogue states, Israel have imposed a tightened blockade after the Islamist Hamas movement came to power in Gaza in 2007 upsetting all hopes of Israel to finish off the Palestinians group by group. Conditions were made much worse by the destruction caused by the three-week Israeli holocaust offensive in Gaza at the end of 2008 killing thousands of innocent Palestinians, children, old people and women, including. International human rights group estimate that over 1,400 Palestinians were killed in the conflict. Aid agencies say there are acute shortages, in particular, of building materials. Egypt which has diplomatic and terror links with Israel, also helps maintain the blockade thereby adding to inhuman life of the defenseless Palestinians. Its border with Gaza, which has a crossing point for people, is closed most of the time.

Israel collects taxes in Palestine territories and employs the money as bargain chip to control the defenseless Palestinians. The Zionist regime blocks water resources from Palestine. UN has warned that almost 300 million people in the Mediterranean region will face water shortages by 2025. Israel and its Arab neighbors disagree over scarce water resources. The Mediterranean Union 43-nation conference in Barcelona had hammered out 99% of a draft text, but the deal failed when Israel and Arab countries disagreed over how to describe the Palestinian territories. The row about how to name the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories has scuppered a scheme for managing Mediterranean water resources. Israel objected to "occupied territories", while "territories under occupation" did not suit the Arab bloc. The Mediterranean Union was launched by France during its EU presidency in 2008, to foster co-operation between European states, and countries in the Middle East and North Africa bordering the Mediterranean. In Barcelona the Union's secretary-general, Ahmad Masadeh from Jordan, called for urgent action to guarantee access to water for all the region's residents.

Jerusalem which the Palestinins want ot make their capital, is the key to reoslution of the confilct but the Zionist fantics keep shifitng the focus. . Palestinians in Gaza Strip and West Bank, including East Jerusalem, have lived under Israeli terror occupation since 1967. The settlements that Israel has built in the West Bank are home to around 400,000 people and are deemed to be illegal under international law. But sharing of water resources have created additional problems for the Mideast region. Israel evacuated its settlers from the Gaza Strip in 2005 and withdrew its terror forces under international pressure, but continues to occupy West Bank region. Israel and Egypt maintain an economic blockade on the Palestinians living there.

Netanyahu jokes saying Israel is a terrorist or rogue regime and the conference was about nuclear terrorism. A White House spokesman tried to mock at his own country and welcomed Netanyahu's stand-in nuclear security. Israel plays Iran card with the West and Netanyahu had planned to drum up support at the summit for sanctions against arch-foe Iran. Like India and Pakistan -- both also scheduled to attend the Nuclear Security Summit -- Israel is outside the NPT. Unlike them, it has not openly tested or deployed atomic weapons. Turkey, whose Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has stepped up criticism of the Jewish state since last year's Gaza war, confirmed he would single out Israel while in Washington. Turkey asserts that Israel should be free of nuclear weapons like all countries in the region. Both Egyptian and Turkish diplomats played down the prospect of the NPT coming up at the summit, saying the appropriate place would be next month's U.N. review conference on the treaty. Coordination between the allies has been clouded, however, by rifts over stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.
Of late, Egypt, mediating for Mideast peace efforts, is also aiding the Zionist fascists against Palestinians. After killing thousands of innocent defenseless Palestinians, the Tens of thousands of Israeli terrorists routinely take holidays in Sinai of Egypt, now under Israeli control, over the Passover holiday. Most have returned after the week-long festival. On 13 April, Israel has issued an "urgent" warning to its citizens to leave Sinai in Egypt immediately and “return home", amid fears of a terrorist plot. Israel took the unusual step of calling on families of the Israelis who are visiting Sinai to contact them. It fears that Palestinian militants will transfer hostages to Gaza through tunnels under the border.

Fascist Israel controlled Sinai from its capture in the 1967 war until returning it to Egypt in 1982. The desert is just across the border, and its seaside resorts are popular with Israelis. In 2004, suicide bombers attacked Egypt's Taba Hilton Hotel, just across the Israeli border, and several campsites popular with Israelis. The terror prime minister's office said it had "concrete evidence" that terrorists were planning to attempt to kidnap Israelis in the peninsula. The warning by Israel's security agencies came after a fake rumor that an Israeli had been kidnapped in Sinai. Egyptian police have been searching Sinai for any missing Israelis but found no evidence that anyone was missing.

U.S. President Barack Obama, having held tense White House talks last month with Netanyahu, scheduled no work meetings with him on the summit's sidelines. But isralei terrorist leader escaped the meeting. Netanyahu originally agreed to go after being reassured by the USA that the summit communiqué would focus on efforts to secure fissile materials and be devoid of language challenging Israel's self-styled nuclear A senior Egyptian diplomat accused Netanyahu of trying to evade questions on the Palestinian issue. "We believe that Netanyahu withdrew from the summit because he did not want to face President Obama and is using Egypt and Turkey as an excuse," the diplomat said. News of Netanyahu's withdrawal from the summit was noted by U.S. Republicans, who saw it as a snub of a close U.S. ally by the Democratic president. Israel says its nuclear secrecy helps ward off enemies while avoiding the kind of provocations that can trigger arms races. The official reticence, and its tacit acceptance by the United States, has long aggrieved Arab and Muslim powers.
Israel seems to feel like a fish out of water these days. IAEA and US-led rogue states are after Iran and North Korea for developing nuclear system, but none cared to question Israel for having done that very secretly with US-UK-India assistance. Israel is considered to be a nuke state, illegal at that. World is unaware of how Israel procured nukes and from whom! Who help the fascist regime in Israel to obtain nuclear facility to threaten the Arab states? However, fearing Muslim powers would use it to demand that Israel give up its presumed nuclear arsenal, Israeli Prime terrorist B. Netanyahu withdrew from the recent nuclear security summit in Washington. Netanyahu, who planned to send his deputy to the April 12-13 conference instead, decided to cancel "after learning that some countries including Egypt and Turkey plan to say Israel must sign the NPT". Netanyahu's attendance at the 47-country summit would have been unprecedented. Israeli premiers long shunned such forums, hoping to dampen scrutiny on their secret nuclear policies. By staying outside the 1970 Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Israel has avoided having to pledge not to seek nuclear weaponry and to admit international inspectors to its Dimona reactor, widely assumed to have fuelled the region's sole atomic arsenal.

Israel is under pressure to lift the blockade, which UN and EU have described as collective punishment. However, Zionist regime, true to its fanatic credentials, keeps shifting its position on Mideast peace by bluffing to the international community about the concessions, especially on vacating the Jerusalem for the establishment of Palestine state. Thus far, its fascist method stood the Zionist regime in good stead with support from the USA-UK led Western evil Axis states. Notwithstanding the pressure from the Obama administration to finally freeze all settlement activities in the former Palestine territories, Jerusalem and West Bank, Israel, got used to American gimmicks to fool the world, still plays hide and seek game with international community, something the cricketers led by Indians do in fake joint excerices for extra payment.

When pushed by the Obama administration further for Mideast peace and justice, the Israeli terror regime says it remains committed to humanitarian supplies of food, medicine and power. Israel says that terror sanctions by the Zionist regime would remain in place as long as the USA and UK supports Israel and until Hamas recognizes Zionist regime destroying the Palestinians. Fanatic Israel spreads rumors that the Palestinians now reduced to the status of slaves are committed to destroying fascist Israel. Considering the pathetic plight of the Palestinians in their own nation under Israeli occupation, President Obama should keep the momentum alive until Israel announces the establishment of Palestine state. Israel understands US change of policy as a mere gimmick and Israelis could manipulate the Obama administration, too.
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BY Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
Hyderabad, 22 April 2020, India
From Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal: Specialist on State Terrorism; Chronicler of Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, etc); Independent Columnist in International Affairs, Research Scholar (JNU) & the only Indian to have gone through entire India, a fraud and terror nation in South Asia."Democracies" like USA and India have zero tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are as dangerous as "terrorism". Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces. Truth does not require political or ideological correctness, not even selectively. Muslims supporting anti-Islamism are as much criminals as the global anti-Muslims are. Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. We have many hypocrites among Muslims. Dr. Abdul Ruff (91-9961868309). Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal, 2010