US Terror War in Yemen - Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

US Terror War in Yemen
- Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


Upon tasting terror blood success on Sept-11 terrorism ploy, the Pentagon-CIA are going strong by knocking down many Muslims nations through similar terrorism ploys with help from cheap Muslim leaders. Many Muslim nations are being brought under the US imperialist control on terrorism plank and these are fast emerging as US terror havens. American agents roam about freely everywhere creating troubles for the nations. But any overt US presence would almost certainly provoke a public backlash. Obama accused al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula of orchestrating a failed Christmas Day attack on a US plane. Western hawkish media have the story, in their usual style of spreading rumours to terrorize the world so that NATO could continue to kill Muslims around, of a “trained 23-year-old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab”, who “spent” time in Yemen last year, to carry out the attempted bombing of the airliner over Detroit. That is, the Pentagon-CIA says Africans are also terrorists, but Obama is also an African.

Poor Obama is clueless about what the Pentagon-CIA-Mossad terrorists are doing around the world. He also now talks about terrorisms possibly hoping to improve his pubic ratings in the USA and Europe. . More and more Americans find jobs in terror activities of US military’s state terrorisms abroad. Two former inmates of the Guantánamo Bay detainee camp who were returned to Yemen via Saudi Arabia in 2007 Muhammad al-Awfi and Said Ali al-Shihri were killed subsequently on Christmas Eve by US-Yemeni state terror gangs.

Fearing backlash from Yemenis people for making Yemen a haven for American state terrorists, the US has shut on Jan 03 its embassy in Yemen's capital Sanaa, citing "ongoing threats" by an al-Qaeda offshoot cleverly linked to an alleged failed US plane bomb plot. The embassy reminded US agents and others in Yemen to be vigilant and aware of security. It comes a day after top US soldier Gen David Petraeus visited visited Yemeni puppet President Ali Abdallah Saleh to discuss the militant threat and to pledge US terror support for its fight with those fight against neo-imperialism. Terror Gen Petraeus, head of US Middle East and Central Asian terror operations,. It came a day after the general announced that the US would more than double terrorism aid to Yemen this year.

American capitalist regime, it hawkish anti-Islamic media and its global warlords have cumulatively succeeded in painting the Islamic world as the terror prone zones so that NATO terror equipment could be sold everywhere without any suspicion, while Russia and China, the US companions in the notorious UNSC-5, try only compete with Americans in selling their own weaponry. Like in other parts of the world, America is spearheading a terror war in Yemen by supplying terror equipment on payment basis to the pro-Western regime there. Americans claiming to be the largest democrats around are subverting all Muslim nations in all regions, including Africa. Al Shabaab launched its pro-Islamic just fight against the western roguish virtues harbouring terrorism and regime change at home at the start of 2007 to drive out Ethiopian troops propping up the Western-backed government in the Horn of Africa nation. The Ethiopians left at the start of 2009, but fighting continued between the Islamists and President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed's terror troops, who control little more than a few streets of the battle-scarred capital. Elman, a local human rights group, says at least 21,862 people have been killed and many more displaced since the start of the insurgency.

Western rogue states have no sympathy for poor nations and continue to convert them as their arms client states. Yemen is the poorest of the Arab countries, has exhausted its very limited oil export capacity, and now faces severe water shortages; some 35 percent of the adult population of the country is unemployed. USA selects targets in Islamic/Arab world well in advance for the so-called “retaliatory strikes” in due course when the intended “strike” is achieved by provocative actions. Once again, as in the case of Afghanistan and Iraq , American imperialism is preparing a military bloodbath in an impoverished country, using a terrorist attack—in this case a failed attempt—as the pretext. The CIA and other US agencies ignored warnings about the impending attack and let the “mishap” taken place so that “retaliatory” strike could be morally possible. The truth is Yemen is seeking stepped up US military aid, presumably as part of a package deal—in effect, a bribe for allowing the country’s territory to be turned into a battlefield for US commandos. The hawkish US media portray Yemen as a lawless hotbed of terrorism and a major threat to the USA, in order to justify in advance an American attack, or even a full-scale invasion. The terrorist comments by “terrorism experts” prepare enough ground for a possible US terror attack on any country. They argue there’s a pool of potential terrorists out there that have Western passports that can board planes without visas. Today the all powerful USA can invade any Muslim country by provoking the opposition there to play the American role there and destabilize the nation.

Somalia has had no effective central government for 19 years. US state terrorists, under Obama are, like those under his predecessors did, impose American rules of crime and corruption in Africa as well. Al Shabaab, which is fighting to re-establish Islamic law by giving prominence for Islamic rule on Somalia, has said it is ready to send reinforcements to Yemen should the U.S. carry out strikes on Islamist militants there. The West's efforts to install one have been undermined most recently by the insurgency led by al Shabaab, which Washington views as al Qaeda's proxy in the region. The West backed Somali regime said Yemeni “rebels” have sent arms in the last few days to support Somalia's Islamist al Shabaab, whom the USA calls the insurgents.

The corrupt Muslim leaders seek more and more aid and military equipment from USA. American Muslims, particularly those of Arab or East African origin are worst affected American citizens. A series of terror raids conducted by Yemeni and US forces, and the Obama administration has “significantly” stepped up US counterterrorism operations in Yemen. The Obama administration was discussing nearly tripling its military and counterterrorism aid to Yemen in the coming year. The US provided $67m (£41m) in anti-Islamic training and terror support to Yemen last year; only Pakistan receives more, with about $112m, according to AP news agency. US aid jumped from $4.6 million in 2006 and Pentagon woo that aid would rise to as much as $190 million in 2010, That Yemen has almost same problem as that of Pakistan which also needs Western aid and military equipment that could be left behind by the US terror troops when, if at all, they quit Pakistan after “achieving” their goals. American goals are never ending in every region and they keep increasing their terror bases in every piece of universe including on the seas. USA keeps the role of its terror military and intelligence agencies as behind the scenes as possible while focusing only on democracy and terrorism. In order to fool the world, the US media bluff that Yemeni “militants” and sympathizers exploiting the country’s economic and political chaos to create a base for jihad at the edge of the Persian Gulf.

By using the bomb scare aboard a Detroit-bound airliner, the US terror military and intelligence strategists are said to be preparing expanded military action against targets in Yemen and pushing Obama to sign the necessary blank sheet. Just as on the eve of illegal Afghan terror invasion by the US-led NATO terrorists, a series of US media reports suggest that new US-backed military attacks inside Yemen are “imminent”. Meanwhile, US reports suggest, the Obama administration and the long-time Yemeni dictator, Field Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh, are working to identify potential Al Qaeda targets in Yemen. They even had reached an agreement long ago to allow the US to fly cruise missiles, fighter jets and armed drones, used for remote-control assassinations, in Yemeni airspace.

USA, as speculated, has pushed its Mideast ally Saudi Arabia into war with Yemen. Yemen possesses, like Afghanistan and Iraq, a highly strategic geographic location, adjacent to Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, and the Red Sea, controlling access to the Suez Canal. Yemen also borders on the Gulf of Aden, the shipping route for much of the oil leaving the Persian Gulf. US military terror forces are already deployed across the strait of Bab el Mandeb in Djibouti, the former French Somaliland, which remains a virtual French colony. Djibouti hosts thousands of French and US troops who could quickly move into Yemen if so ordered by Paris and Washington. A large US and NATO war fleet patrols shipping lanes through the Gulf of Aden and south along the Indian Ocean coast of Somalia. The Obama administration also pursing the Bushdom terror polices of bullying weak nations by showcasing US military might to the world.

The US has never publicly acknowledged the rapid terrorist build-up of its military presence in and near Yemen since last year but the attacks already mounted by Yemeni government forces on al-Qaeda "training camps" would have been impossible without American hardware and knowhow. CST (Christian Global terrorist) states of the West are ill-focused on Islam and want to offer their religion Christianity a face lift by projecting Islam as a terrorism cooperative and hence they harbor terror attacks on pro-Islamic groups calling them terrorists so that Islam does not stage a comeback any time soon. Any true Islamic resurrection is stopped with irn hand both by the puppet regimes in Islamic world as well as the western rogue states of Axis Evils.
Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
Specialist on State Terrorism
Independent Columnist in International Affairs, Research Scholar (JNU) &
the only Indian to have gone through entire India, a fraud and terror nation in South Asia.