West Plans for Iran Destabilization -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

West Plans for Iran Destabilization

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

[The western powers that backed the Shah regime was thrown out by the Islamic Revolution now the west is keen to remove the Islamic regime by using the fanatic opposition of Iran. Western democracy now includes destabilization of Islamic nations that don’t subscribe to American values and virtues.

To my surprise I found a few comments in global media on my article: “Israel Cannot Bully Iran, Cannot attack”. One major argument in fact caught my attention in the piles of positive and negative comments. “Israel won’t Attack Iran without US support” Israel is heading towards a really big time decision; If at all Israel attacks Iran the price of gas will sky rocket and Obama is clearly not capable of dealing with Israel without Pentagon-CIA signals. President Obama plays American politics to suit its hegemonic ambitions. The way Obama has been shifting his rhetoric, like his predecessors did before him, vindicates these arguments. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was re-elected in the June poll, which the opposition and West say was rigged, but they did not insist on re-poll because they would lost it once again and they would have lost their “democracy” face. Iran's opposition hardliners have full support for the anti-Islamic world and hence they don’t feel the need to stop all anti-Islamic gimmicks and destructive activities]

It has become amply clear now that Western Axis of anti-Islamic Evils have hidden plans for Iranian destabilization by profitably employing the opposition leaders of Iran. These western devils terrorise Muslims in the name of democracy and freedom of expression which they don’t allow at home themselves. By employing the discredited Iranian opposition to advance their nefarious designs in Islamic designs, Western world is gearing up for destabilizing the Islamic world nations one by one. Unless Iran abandons its nuclear program the Western powers and their nasty media hawks are determined to employ the aimless Iranian opposition boys to get their job done in Islamic republic.

When American terror invaders keep killing Pakistanis, Afghans and Iraqis, they condemned the “well-equipped” policemen beating the aimless western democracy demonstrators. That was the image that became synonymous with opposition protests in Iran following the presidential election in June meant by the West to unseat Ahmadinajad after their success in Lebanon.

The opposition leaders and their capitalist supporters are enjoying good time by inciting violence and killing innocent Iranians at the behest of Western masters. Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi who could not help the western powers in oust Ahmadinejad has said he is not afraid to die for the cause of reform but has not said he would for Islam or Islamic Iran. Once he says so eh would be in a fix form the western Axis of Evils. In a statement posted on his website, the unsuccessful presidential candidate supported by the Western powers and their anti-Islamic media, Mousavi also set out a five-stage solution to the crisis sparked by June's disputed elections. He said the government, parliament and judiciary must accept "direct responsibility" for the situation. The opposition has been asked to demand creation of a "transparent law" for trustworthy elections, release political prisoners, and recognise press freedoms as well as the right of people to demonstrate. Opposition should ask the Western rogue states how much of transparency they allow in their countries on state terrorism and intelligence plotting series.

The opposition very meticulously used the religious occasion to suit their agitations. It had been clear for days that there would be serious clashes between security forces and members of the opposition on Dec. 27. The spiritual leader of the reform movement, Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, died on Dec. 19. His funeral, which up to 1 million people are said to have attended, became a show of strength for the Iranian opposition. Then traditional commemorations which take place seven days after a death coincided with the feast of Ashura, the climax of the mourning month of Muharram. The two occasions made emotions run so high among many protesters that they were ready to go on the attack, after being victims up until now.

Deadly riots are being incited by the outside powers so as to push the Iranian regime on the defensive following. The outside sported opposition warns the government in Tehran could be facing louder and more self-assured demonstrators in the coming days who see their opportunity to force regime change. On the holy festival of Ashura, the day on which Shia Muslims commemorate the violent death of their religious leader Imam Hussein, the tide may have turned in Iran. This time it was the demonstrators who were chasing, seizing and beating up the police. This time it was members of the security forces who were sitting covered in blood by the roadside. And not only that -- there were also pictures of uniformed men who had changed sides, being carried by demonstrators on their shoulders and waving the green ribbons that have come to symbolize the protest movement. But opposition has not declared it has won both the poll and anti-Iran war.

The western powers and media try to show that the regime that emerged out of the Islamic Revolution has now dipped its hand in the blood of the nation. Opposition seeks the support of ruling clergy too. After the Ashura festival there could be massive conflicts between the opposition and government forces. The protesters want to take advantage of the momentum the mourning month of Muharram gives them. The slogans used underscore the fact that they still want to force regime change, despite the danger.

The escalating threats against Mousavi and Karroubi, the politicians who have been forced into the roles of opposition leaders, are another indication that the regime is on the defensive. Although there have been many calls to hold Karroubi and Mousavi responsible for the protests, the regime has thus far avoided taking that step. Tehran fears that could unleash a storm that would be the government's downfall. Opposition said there appeared to be an order to shoot on the Ashura, a religious day of mourning, which enraged a wide spectrum of Iranians. The incident on 25 Dec has not alienated conservatives from a regime to which they are generally loyal, because people now see the opposition game on behalf of the western powers.

Hardline opposition mobs are keen to repeat the funeral processions held on Ashura day that degenerated into riots. Iranian observers say that may be possible. The western media say the regime appears to have been pushed into the corner and is now using every means at its disposal in its efforts to regain the upper hand. Traditionally, Iranians commemorate the dead three, seven and 30 days after the death occurs. The commemoration of Montazeri's death on Sunday cost up to 15 lives -- providing 15 more reasons for crowds to take to the streets. The recurring funeral marches for the Revolution's Martyrs was one of the phenomena that led to the fall of the Iranian Shah in 1979.

After having got awfully exposed in their designs to remove Ahmadinejad in the poll, the west and their Iranian opposition are trying all tricks to destabilize Iran. On 07 December 2009 Iranians were marking University Student Day, traditionally an anti-US event that commemorates the killing of three students in 1953. Opposition supporters are expected to try to hijack official protests by chanting their own anti-government slogans. Slogans that Iranians used 30 years ago to call for an end to the Shah's regime are now thrown back at the Islamic regime which replaced it. Some Iranians say they were shocked when they heard current leaders publicly insulted for the first time. The government in Tehran is faced with a dangerous cycle and US-led West has almost succeeded in using the disgruntled opposition to destabilize Iran while the Iranians see through grand US game to reassert its imperialism in Tehran. Ahmadinejad has to speed up his efforts to shield Iran’s sovereignty from any possible Chrestian-Jewish attacks, though that would be disastrous for themselves eventually.

The western powers that backed the Shah regime that had been thrown out by the Islamic Revolution now are keen to remove the Islamic regime by using the fanatic opposition of Iran. Revenge agenda in alien nations is the hallmark of western democracy! Western Chrestian democracies are out to destabilize Islamic Iran an and reestablish anti-Islamic pro-US regime to advance western interests and take full control of Iranian energy resources as fast as possible. The way these foolish opposition leaders behave show they are under severe pressure not to give up demonstrations until the American terrorists enter Tehran with their deadly drones to kill Iranians.

The Iran’s political opposition clamoring for democracy under the tacit terror support from the USA and Europe has got several Iranians killed by their irresponsible riots and strikes but the Ahmadinejad government has not punished those responsible for the deaths of innocent believers in Islamic Iran. Do the stupid Iranian opposition leaders know that Iran is at the verge of losing its sovereignty like that has happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan?
Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
Specialist on State Terrorism
Independent Columnist in International Affairs, Research Scholar (JNU) & the only Indian to have gone through entire India, a fraud and terror nation in South Asia.
01 January 2010