Pak-US Relations: From Insecurity to Insecurity–XIII - Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Pak-US Relations: From Insecurity to Insecurity–XIII
- Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

In the present era of state terrorisms led by USA-UK, Israel and India, others, Christians kill Muslims. Hindus kill Muslims. Jews kill Muslims. Muslims are paid to kill Muslims. Bulks of the governments and capitalist organizations finance the genocides of Muslims. Who then are the terrorists? However, the global media shield the real terrorists and target the Muslims, calling them the terrorists. This forms the basis of the Western-Eastern shared values. Pakistan is the real target of the NATO. The puppet regimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are offering credibility to the GSTs, while USA quietly plans disaster for Pakistan. US Obama says he would go ahead with Pentagon plan to launch drone strikes in tribal zones like Quetta or any other settled area.

Any thing new is introduced by the US led West, including terrorism, and Muslims and energy resources are the real target of the IST. There is enough evidence to the effect that precisely in 2001, but before 9/11, the US had entered into an understanding with the Taliban, which would have meant greater cooperation on exploiting oil and natural gas in Central Asia by generating terrorisms. But it is clear now that USA used their agents as the terrorists to attack the sites suggested by Neocons-Pentagon-CIA in secrecy and the media and capitalist mafias were used to cover up the Pentagon-Mossad attacks in USA on Sept-11. So, the terrorists hit the USA as well so that media could show "an extremely alarming situation in the USA and world. US-led NATO anti-Islamic terrorists, after killing all Muslims in the surrounding areas, would finally land in capital Islamabad to kill the remaining “terrorists”, including the president and premier. Then, as they did in Iraq, all hidden accounts of Zardari in excess of what he has amassed, would be revealed before he done away with. Saddam perhaps never thought the Americans would kill him in a cold blooded manner until the Russian betrayed him just before the US terror attack on Baghdad. Although the Obama administration tries to shield the Pentagon-CIA-Mossad from exposure of their terror plan for the Sept-11 and thereafter, evidences indicate he cannot do so for ever.

Pakistani elite thinks Americans are civilized even as US deadly drones take Pakistanis to graveyards. USA has, through strenuous efforts, converted the Islamic states into a zone of terrorists and has promoted syndicates of state terrorists around the world by establishing terror bases and secret torture cells.UK and other terror allies render terror support to their American bosses. The Bipolar US politics is necessary for advancing American interests in the world. Republicans and Democrats play a joint game to escalate terror wars to secure energy resources for Western powers and make Israel a safe state terrorist in Mideast. Some Democrats have even gone in the opposite direction and advocated an early exit, correctly arguing that not until the US and NATO troops leave Afghanistan can things return to ‘normality’. The corrupt and inept Karzai government will collapse because that is the fate that awaits all collaborators. Once back in power, the Taliban will sooner or later change their ways whereas occupation will only strengthen their resolve to fight and attract more and more Afghans to their cause.

Even as the US-led NATO nexus terrorists continue to kill Muslims with support from some paid Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, in Cairo Obama assured the Muslim world that the US was not engaged in a crusade against Islam, but he has resumed what looks like a terror course in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The anti-Islamic forces and their nasty media have resorted to all dirty tricks making bogus statements on behalf of Taliban and Al-Queda and these organizations have no opportunity or media to express their own opinions and what the state strategists write as if from Taliban are taken as the only truth. Some paid Muslims help NATO terrorists in greater sharing of intelligence, joint military operations and other related media terror activities. Pakistan regime civilian and military as well as the media lords want western genocides of Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan to continue because the US state terrorism brings in plenty of blood stained cash to Pakistan for the capitalists to make it a “strong” economy to challenge India. These capitalist proponents are deadly against true Islam and even make the Taliban behave in a mysterious manner, oppose Sharia’ and argue that under no circumstance should the Taliban-al Queda forces be allowed to return to power. They are free to terror dream day and night.

As usual, the US president Obama directed Pakistani puppet regime to “do more” with Muslims, killing them, but Pakistan’s troubled President Asif Zardari, maybe for a change, has cold-shouldered President Barack Obama's call for more action against the militants hiding inside the country's lawless tribal region, and has instead asked the White House to speed up the military assistance to the Pakistani Army and more importantly 'intervene forcefully with India'. The US demands have thus been snubbed almost simultaneously, as Pakistan said that action against the “network” is contrary to the country's interests in Afghanistan. Pakistan also killed as many Muslims as possible inside Pakistan, created by Jinnah to protect the interests of Muslims, but still the Pentagon inspired Obama also ask Pakistani leaders to kill more Muslims.

The mighty US nation is grappling with rising unemployment, hidden poverty, a stubborn anti-Islamic insurgency under the Neocons banner and global terrorist Pentagon-CIA-Mossad networks with branches across the world. The catalyst for their survival and onward surge is the fictitious Al-Qaeda and Taliban the creations of Bushdom rogues. The western media infested with agents of this Pentagon-Mossad-CIA and the regional outfits like RAW, spread false rumours, to make their hidden terror agenda workable, about Islamic fundamentalist strategic locations near Saudi Arabia and the Horn of Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. This is the usual terror strategy of the anti-Islamic forces led by USA-Israel-India-Russia. India thinks that US-Pakistan’s war against Muslims as militants is also in India’s interest because if Muslims are killed in Pakistan and “terrorists” are defeated India will also benefit from a peaceful and prosperous neighbour. There is logic in the US stance that governments in Islamabad and New Delhi face a common threat that is Western terrorism.

It modern world it is necessary to have allies, but Islamabad has options to choose its allies to suit its original Islamic agenda- and certainly not kill it. Pakistan has to prove that it can exist without alms form western rogue states ill-focused, along with Israel and India , on Pakistan and other Muslim nations. Already the alms Pakistan has received from these axis terror nations has only helped in weakening Islamabad and murdering Muslims instead of promoting their well being and Pakistan’s power, as desired by Jinnah. Then, Pakistan and other Islamic societies, Saudi Arabia, inclusive, should realize that the USA would not just let any Muslim nation to become a truly Islamic nation and that is the clearly demonstrated now in Pakistan and Mideast. The unwritten clause of Indo-US nuclearism deal has something to do with this notion. What Pakistan is doing is atrocious and could have devastating results. Funny, bulk of Pakistanis and their trusted media that project Muslims as terrorists and Islam as a religion exporting terrorism across the world want their country to be controlled by USA in whatever way it deems fit. Pakistan needs to shed the false image the Western and Indian media have jointly and separately created about Pakistan as parasites that thrive on foreign money through aids and are also terrorists. Since pig meat and liquor, very dear to anti-Islamic nations, are strictly forbidden in Islam, Pakistani Muslims should be beware of the courting them on their land.

While USA pursues it regional goals in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Islamabad has done more than any other country in the fight against Muslims ("terrorism") termed by the anti-Islamic western rogue states as terrorists and suffered the most in terms of casualties to Pakistanis, security forces, civilian displacements, suicide attacks and economic losses. Will the Government and the people, at least now, react to this US misadventure in Af-Pak, essentially in Pakistan, or will they hesitate not to rupture the bloody Pak-US cooperation crippling Islamabad in US fight against Islam and Muslim groups and further destabilize the whole region and Pakistan? Will a less populated Pakistan make India happier than now?

Pak-US Relations: From Insecurity to Insecurity–XIII
- Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

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