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Advertising on altnews web sites in three easy steps:

  1. Purchase 50,000 impressions
  2. Create an Advertising Account
  3. Site Admins activate your advertising account

Contact webmaster for further information.

Image file dimensions must not exceed 468px by 60px for the 'top of page' and 135px by 135px for the 'side bar' positions. Image files may be served directly from your own server if preferred.

  • Top of page 468x60 banner ad.
    50.000 impressions across all altnews web sites AUD$50
  • Side bar 135x135 block ad.
    50.000 impressions across all altnews web sites AUD$39

Once your payment has been cleared, site administrators will activate the Advertising Account you have created below.

Advertising Account Maintenance

Note: To administer your altnews banner advertising account on this page please allow IFrames in your browser for this site.