Cricketism: England refuses credit to bowlers!

Humanity has a right to know the truth.

England refuses credit to bowlers!


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There is no mentioning by the paid commentators of English fake bowling. These silly guys do not a talk about the how bowlers bowl and whether the ball was easy or difficult one.


England invented cricket and gathered colony boys to play with and shared 100s sand 50s and kept the fighting angle youth in former colonies in good n humour and They deliberately promoted batboys by getting bowlers to offer too many runs,

Feeding the batboys, with an unprotected filed and silly fielders, continues till date and England does not want to change the trend. Effective bowlers are discouraged and only fast bowlers are promoted only to offer too many runs.

None is very impressed with Cook who used his bowlers to add more quick run to South Africa by offering too many runs to the two tail enders after removing all other batboys very cheap. Cook should have given his 5 bowlers the full overs to try and get the wickets of these two. Opting for part-timers just shows that he wants to keep some safe-bowling options at the death. Feeding the bowlers is not a new trend in joint cricketism exercises

What Cook baby did is not all aggressive captaincy to showcase the bowling prowess of England team. He is a fraud wanting to tell lies that bowlers are not important. Cook is a cheap batboy who thinks he must have at least 50 runs to claim rewards and awards and there he asked his bowlers to give more quick runs after 80 runs for 8 at Cook’s direction.

The commentators as usual spread lies loudly, saying that was a ”fantastic” bating and seek more money for hiding the lies and frauds. Look what they say: ‘David Miller and Rory Kleinveldt were playing really nicely, some sensible batting and powerful strokemaking had threatened to rescue’

There is no mentioning by the paid commentators of English fake bowling. These silly guys do not a talk about the how bowlers bowl and whether the ball was easy or difficult one.

In fact South Africans could have ended without reaching 100 but Cook babies decided to feed the last two bat babies with 50 each.

It is possible that England would go toe the finals to face one of the two strong bowler teams, Sri Lanka and India. But if London boys behave so cheat like this, adding more free runs to the tail enders as they have shamelessly done with South Africans, surely, Cook and friends will have cook food for the South Indians.

And, sell the food only very cheaply to South Indian fools because others don’t buy it.

Cook should be replaced by a serious bowler who does not go all out to pamper the bat babies and feed them nice runs.

That is, neither India nor Srilanka can forgive the English bowlers if they offer big score or behave like this semifinal with SA, when they meet in finals, if at all.

In case South Africa comes to the finals obviously they will crash badly.

د. عبد راف

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